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You Are About to Discover 7 Powerful Secrets Every Mom Needs to Know to Instantly Eliminate Overwhelm, Stress & Burnout...So You Can Literally Find The Time To Sneak Off With A Trashy Novel, Be Excited When Hubby Gives You “That Look” AND Be That Vibrant Empowered Woman Who Can Balance Life, Family & Career With Absolute Ease.

In this Powerful Report you will………..

  • Discover the #1 reason for being in a state of overwhelm, how to stop fantasizing about what your life was like before kids & re-ignite YOUR dreams.
  • Learn that there is more to life than being a “busy income generating mom machine” and find out EXACTLY what YOU are doing to sabotage your own Happiness.
  • Finally, understand the most Critical Mindset shift all moms need to know. Without it, you will continue be a stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed mom that has nothing left in the tank for anyone. ( including YOURSELF)

Barb Bell-Before working with Mona, I suffered from a lack of direction, lack of motivation and lack of focus. Mona was able to help me identify the action steps I needed to take and help me dig down deep to reconnect with my full potential and set goals for quick results.

Together Mona and I Created a ‘Life Map’ and she was my tour guide…pointing out and uncovering blocks that would have create dead ends and detours….she was able to help me clear the path and shorten the time it would have taken me to get results. TRUST
…Mona made it all about me. She listened and asked the right questions that would allow me to hear what was uniquely important to me and my family’s future. She seemed to always be one step ahead of me with the exact solution or strategy I needed to implement at just the right time.
After just my first session, I felt instantly alive and excited….I rediscovered my gifts, knew how to harness them and give them, in service, to others. It was like my brain connected to my heart and in that moment of clarity I became incredibly focused and knew where I was headed in my business and life.
 Within a couple of months my income began to increase. Six months later I have quadrupled my income. This is just the beginning. I have a plan, it works and I am accountable. Now I am living, not simply existing. I am achieving my goals and creating my life “deliberately”.
 I now have more time for myself, my family AND my business. Because of the structure and plan I have put together with Mona’s guidance, I have balance in my life…I have freedom. Who knew that structure would create Freedom!
Thanks Mona for everything…..I am extremely grateful. ~ Barb